Portland State University Computer Science
Oregon CTF

Capture-the-Flag security games and codelabs

Ones we've developed:
  • Computer Systems Programming (CS 205) CTF
  • Malware Reverse Engineering (CS 492) CTF
  • angr Symbolic Execution (CS 492) CTF
  • Cloud Security (CS 430/495) Thunder CTF
  • Fuzzing (CS 492) codelab
  • Divergent Cryptography and Security (CyberPDX camp) CTF
Ones we like to teach from:
  • bandit (Linux tools) CTF
  • natas (Web Security) CTF
  • PortSwigger (Web Security) CTF
  • OWASP Damn Vulnerable NodeJS Application (Web Security) CTF
  • flaws.cloud (Cloud Security) v1 | v2
  • CloudGoat (Cloud Security) exercises
  • Microcorruption (Reverse Engineering) CTF
  • CryptoPals (Cryptanalysis) CTF
Portland State's CTF Slack channel here


Some recommended resources include:
  • Download a Windows XP VM with IDA Pro Free installed here
  • Or download IDA Pro Free here
  • Download a Linux OS Box here
  • PSU's CS 205 Computer Systems Programming course
  • PSU's CS 430 Internet, Web, and Cloud Systems course
  • PSU's CS 495 Web and Cloud Security course
  • PSU's CS 492 Malware Reverse Engineering course
  • PSU's CS 410 Blockchain Development and Security course